Zante West Coast Beaches

The western coastline of the island of Zakynthos is dominated by jagged rocky cliffs and small rocky bays.

You will find some of the most spectacular Zante scenery in this region, with dramatic contrasts between sea and stone. The western coastline runs from the Zante northern tip of Skinari westward towards the southern region of Marathias. The west coast of Zante, Zakynthos is about 40 kilometers in distance and should definitely be included in your Zakynthos holiday plans, especially if you are keen for a bit of adventure.

Shipwreck Bay–Navagio Bay Zante Zakynthos

The most famous beach in Zante, and in fact in most of the Mediterranean, is located on the west coast of Zakynthos. Shipwreck Bay, also known as ‘Navagio’ in Greek, can only be reached by taking a boat trip in Zakynthos.

With bright white pebble sand and extraordinarily blue turquoise waters, the beach at Navagio Bay is quite out of this world! Towering cliffs dwarf the beach at Shipwreck Bay, where a stranded wreck lies washed up in the middle of the beach.

You can experience Shipwreck bay in two ways – either from the lookout tower, located outside the village of Anafonitria on the west coast of Zante, or by visiting the beach by boat. Both options are really spectacular things to do in Zakynthos.

From the lookout tower you get the advantage of seeing and capturing on camera the iconic image of Shipwreck from above. This has to be one of the most amazing views in the world.

Visiting the Shipwreck Bay beach on a Zante boat trip is also quite breath-taking. Approaching the beach is a once in-a-lifetime experience – the huge cliffs surrounding the bay, combined with the stranded ship in the middle, ensure that this is an awe-inspiring moment.

Spending time at the Shipwreck beach you will be able to swim in the cool turquoise waters and explore the wreckage of the boat, which has been engraved with hundreds of names of visitors since the ship washed up here years ago.

There are a number of boat trips departing to Shipwreck bay on a daily basis from all around Zakynthos. However, for a really personal and relaxed experience we recommend the Potamitis Brothers who leave from the lighthouse at Skinari. This way you can combine a trip to the Blue Caves with your day at Shipwreck. Also, with the Potamitis brothers you can really tailor make your stay at Shipwreck and decide how long you want to stay at the beach. They will always go out of their way to ensure you have a fantastic boat trip.

Porto Vromi Beach Zante Zakynthos

While driving along the west coast of Zante, you will to a turn off down to the small bay of Porto Vromi. The drive down to the beach is rather steep and winding, but the views along the way are really beautiful with sweeping cliff views over vast expanses of the Ionian Sea.

Most people who head down to the beach at Porto Vromi use this as a launching pad to head off on a boat trip to Shipwreck Bay. There are a number of different boat trips available from here and Porto Vromi provides a great chance to head out and enjoy time on the sea.

As your boat leaves the bay at Porto Vromi try to spot the stunning profile of the Sea God Poseidon, which is carved into the cliff on the left.

Limnionas Beach Zante Zakynthos

Two of the most popular spots for relaxing and swimming on the west coast lie next to each other, separated by just a few kilometres. Limnionas and Porto Roxa are very similar bays. Both feature striking rocky fiords and bright blue and green sea water. The fiord at Limnionas is particularly spectacular with large sea caves marking the cliff face.

From Limnionas and Porto Roxa you can take a flying leap from the rocks into the sea below. This is a fun chance for an adrenaline buzz if you are keen! Alternatively, you can dive in from slightly lower heights. The swimming here is very different from the sandy beaches of the south and east coasts of the island. Deep seas predominate on the west coast of Zakynthos and at Limionas and Porto Roxa you can be sure that your toes won’t touch the bottom. This environment is perfect for snorkelling with lots of caves to explore.

After your swim you can either relax on the rock platforms at Limnionas or on the sunbeds at Porto Roxa. There are tavernas at both beaches ready to serve you a delicious meal overlooking the sea. The taverna at Limnionas provides particularly spectacular views over the sea and tried and tested fantastic food. This is one of the most popular restaurants with Zakynthian locals and you can’t get a much better recommendation than that.

Both Limnionas and Porto Roxa can be reached by turning off the main road at the west coast village of Agios Leon.