Zante Wedding Planners

Over the last few years, more and more couples from the United Kingdom and continental Europe have made the decision to jet into Zakynthos also known as Zante, in the Greek islands, for destination weddings in Zante in the sun!

What Zante wedding planners can do for you

Zante Wedding planners

  • provide you with options for Zante wedding packages consist of many different options, including flower arches, bridal bouquets, horse drawn carriages, cruiseliner receptions, and photographers and video packages.
  • take care of all services such as the translation of papers, ensuring you depart following your wedding day with your legal wedding certificate in your hand!
  • organize your Zante wedding receptions down to the finest details, including arranging for your wedding cake, Zante wedding reception menus, wedding entertainment and much more.
  • take full responsibility for the full organization of weddings in Zante to ensure you ar taken care of in every way as your big day unfolds.
  • will make your wedding on "The Island of Dreams" a momentous occasion.

With Weddings in Zante your actual wedding service or ceremony is conducted in Greek, with English translation alongside. This adheres with local marriage laws.

Zante Wedding planners personally take you to the necessary appointments in the town hall and ensure that your wedding is planned with the utmost care.

If necessary they can also arrange pr suggest accommodation for the couple in apartments, or local hotels.

There are several legal papers required by Zante Wedding planners to ensure your wedding in Zante is legal.

Legal papers such as no 'impediment to marriage' must be provided to wedding planners in Zante in advance. Your wedding planner in Zante will deal with all the red tape.

zante wedding beach

Huge benefits of weddings in Zante, on the island of dreams

Zante Wedding planners will confirm that the benefits of marrying abroad in destination weddings in Zante has drawn hundreds of couples to Zakynthos island, for Zante beach weddings to tie the knot. There are a number of different Zante wedding planners on the island to assist you with your wedding plans, including choice of Zante wedding venues and locations. We are happy to advise the very best Zante wedding planners for your requirements.

Zante Wedding planners provide wedding services in different locations for Zante weddings around the island of Zakynthos to completely organize weddings in Zante, so that by the time you arrive for your wedding holiday everything for your wedding will be planned on your behalf. With years of experience behind them, destination wedding planners in Zante work with teams of support from businesses around Zakynthos to provide fantastic Zante wedding locations and a wide selection of Zante wedding packages and to ensure that your wedding in Zante is absolutely perfectly suited to your tastes and requirements.

Planners for Zante Weddings taking place in the Greek Islands are a great idea if you are concerned about the usual budget of a wedding back home. You can have a luxury wedding in Zante at a fraction of the cost of what you would pay at home, so you can plan weddings in Zante without having to count your pennies.

If you are considering a Zante destination beach wedding location, there are plenty of things to attract you to get married on this beautiful island in the Ionian Sea. Surrounded by the natural environment of beautiful flowers, along with stunning sandy beaches in Zante, and really stable good weather, makes getting married in Zakynthos (Zante) the perfect decision.
Experienced wedding planners organizing Weddings in Zante help create your fairy-tale wedding day 'stress-free'

Wedding locations in Zante are very often beach weddings. However you can opt for the Zante wedding of your dreams - maybe in a private colorful villa or hotel gardens near the beach, or choose from a popular choice of Zante beach weddings with the sea splashing against your feet.

Wedding planners in Zante also offer the option of location venues for Zante weddings on a cliff top with the sun setting as a backdrop. You can also choose weddings in Zante on your own private little island, or even in front of a tiny picturesque Greek Orthodox chapel.

There are plenty of Zante wedding locations to choose from and a team of experts employed by planners of Zante Weddings help to direct you to the Zante wedding locations most suited to your wedding day dreams.

With weddings in Zante wedding planners in Zante will provide many wedding package options you may choose and you can tailor make your own.

Civil Weddings Zante

Civil Weddings and religious Weddings in Zante

Weddings planners organize weddings in Zante within two main categories - Civil weddings, which are actually similar to a registry office wedding held at home, but in a beautiful Zante Weddngs outdoor or beach wedding location, or religious and also Catholic weddings. Same Sex Blessings and Vow Renewals are also becoming more popular services requested from Zante wedding planners.

With really great Zante wedding locations and Zante weddings packages in Zakynthos, with significantly lower prices in Zante, compared to the UK, Zante wedding planners organize your wedding day so that you can treat yourself to a luxurious day of celebration.

  • Arrive and depart on a horse drawn carriage
  • Surprise your guests with fireworks
  • Have your own private BBQ beach party
  • Be entertained by a Greek band and dancers
  • Sail off on a cruiseliner, walk down the red carpet aisle with a traditional quartet of seranaders

The list is endless for weddings in Zante..…the choices are yours!

Religious Weddings in Zante

Comments from Leading Wedding planners in Zante always testify to the simplicity of getting married in Zakynthos

Leading wedding planners in Zante Island always say how easy it is for couples to get married in Zante, Zakynthos.

However without the services of professional English speaking wedding planners in Zante you will find language barriers very difficult. Remember he Greek language is not just a different 'spoken' language to English - but the written alphabet is also unique. So it is crucial to have a wedding planner who will not only negotiate the best deals for your wedding day in Zante, but will also see to correct translations of legal papers.

Wedding planners in Zante usually know how important a professional attitude is when it comes to business, and have an understanding of the local customs, including hospitality and warmth which the Greek people are famous for.

Many Greeks are known for what may be considered the "Greek maybe time", but of course Zante wedding planners know how to choose a great team, and try to keep everything on your big day running to schedule. Zante wedding planners take a great satisfaction in seeing everyone enjoying their weddings in Zante and evening receptions.