Zante South Coast Beaches

The Southern coastline is dotted with pretty, golden sand beaches that are perfect spots for thoroughly enjoying your summer vacation. This Southern region coastline stretches from the edges of Zante Town, through to the resort of Argassi, up to the village of Vasilikos, and finally to the southern-most tip of the island at Gerekas.

The region of Vasilikos in the South of Zakynthos is, without a doubt, one of the most charming areas for a holiday in Zante.

Vasilikos village, and the surrounding areas, offer everything you might need for a totally relaxing and rejuvenating summer break. Vasilikos and Gerekas are perfect for people looking to get away from the heavy tourist crowds and experience a more authentic and natural Greek Island Holiday.

Argassi Beach Zante, Zakynthos Greek islands

The resort of Argassi, also spelt Argasi, has developed around the beach, and is now one of the most popular resorts on the island. The region of Argassi is compact and comfortable, with a great selection of amenities and shops all within easy reach of the beach. Argassi beach is easily accessible with parking available nearby.

The beach itself in Argassi village resort is rather narrow and is not one of the most naturally beautiful on the island.

However, for those looking to lounge around on a sunbed and simply enjoy swimming in the sea close to the resort, the beach here will suffice. Most hotels in Argassi also have wonderful swimming pools.

Being one of the larger tourist resorts in Zante, there are plenty of facilities on Argassi beach to make you comfortable during your day at the beach in Zante. The Argassi beach is lined with tavernas and hotels where you can eat during the day and night. Many of the hotels have swimming pools right on the sea – so you can go between the sea and the pool throughout the day.

Argassi beach also has among the best selection of water sports in Zakynthos. Whether you choose to fly through the sky on a paraglider, or go for the thrill of the fly fish, you’ll really enjoy the water sports on offer at Argassi beach.

Porto Zorro beach in Zante Zakynthos on the South East Coast

Porto Zorro is one of our favourite beaches on the island – both because of its natural charm and the world class facilities on offer here at Azurro Beach Club. Beach Clubs are a buzz in Zakynthos and the Azurro Beach Club at Porto Zorro provides one of the classiest places to laze you time away.

The beach at Porto Zorro is a sandy bay, overlooking a tall rock formation at the end of the beach – perfect for snorkelling around and exploring.

The beach is surrounded by rich and lush green vegetation as a backdrop. The luxury silver loungers on the beach are sheltered by gorgeous palm umbrellas – making this one of the most comfortable spots to spend a day at the beach in Zakynthos.

To top it off, at the far end of the beach at Porto Zorro you will find one of only two spots in Zante where you can enjoy natural mud bathing. Here at Porto Zorro you can treat yourself to a mud body pack with mineral rich mud, renowned for being great for the skin.

Porto Zorro is definitely worth a visit during your summer holiday in Zante. Don’t miss the turn off to the Azurro Beach Club as you drive from Zante Town or Argassi to Vasilikos. This really is a perfect spot for complete Greek Island relaxation.

Banana Beach in Vasilikos, Zante, Zakynthos

The next beach along from Porto Zorro is the sprawling expanse of Banana Beach. This is one of the longest stretches of beach in Zakynthos and is a really natural beach, not nearly as affected by tourism as the beaches of Kalamaki and Laganas.

There are a few developments along the beach – mainly tropical style, palm fringed canteens and beach bars.

These Relax bars dotted along Banana Beach provide shade from the sun, hammocks to relax in, and delicious refreshments and meals on offer throughout the day.

There are plenty of loungers and umbrellas along Banana Beach and you will always find somewhere to retreat from the sun, yet the beach maintains a natural and unspoilt feel.

Banana Beach is great for a casual stroll or a brisk beach walk. You can walk from the end of Banana Beach right down to Plaka at the end, and even over the cliffs to St Nicholas. This is a great way of getting in a bit of exercise during your day and taking in the full expanse of this gorgeous beach.

Popular with locals and tourists alike, the sea water here is shallow and crystal clear. This is a lovely spot for swimming and you will often find locals spending their afternoons here – a sure sign that this is one of the nicest places to chill in Zante.

A great stop off point to eat during the day is the Ionion Restaurant and Beach Bar. The Ionion is well sign posted from the main road as you head south into Vasilikos. They provide great beach beds and umbrellas and facilities to help you enjoy your day to the full. However, it is the food at the Ionion that really makes this spot well worth the visit. The restaurant is overlooking a wide expanse of the Ionion Sea and offers some of the best traditional Greek Cuisine in Zakynthos.

Plaka Beach in Vasilikos close to St Nichols Village

Plaka Beach is one of the smallest beaches on the southern coast, but it offers a peaceful place to spend a summer’s day. There are a number of sun beds and umbrellas for hire along the beach, as well as two snack bars to keep you refreshed!

The Beach of Plaka is often popular with families and couples looking for a really chilled out and peaceful beach holiday. Plaka Beach has everything you need for a Greek Island retreat – peace, quiet, sun, sand and sea!

St Nicholas Beach in Vasilikos Zante Zakynthos

Agios Nikolaos, also known as St Nicholas, is perhaps the most popular beach on the island, with the tourists and Greeks alike. St Nicholas Beach in the South of Zante is a beautiful sandy bay with a picturesque white Greek Orthodox Church sitting up on the cliff overlooking the bay. You really won’t find a more charming spot than this.

Like most of the Vasilikos region, the beach here is adorned with palm umbrellas where you can shelter from the sun during your day at the beach. These natural umbrellas really add to the ambience at the beach.

There is a superb range of water sports at St. Niks and a Scuba Diving Schooll where you can try a dive around the rocky peninsula

The Hotel Vasilikos Beach provides some of the most charming hotel accommodation in Zante Zakynthos and serves as a great hoel base for your holiday in Vasilikos. From the Hotel Vasilikos Beach you are only a few steps way from 5 of the most beautiful beaaches in Zante.

While you are at St Nicholas be sure to visit the Ammos Beach Club, for a delicious meal or fantastic refreshments. We think Ammos offers one of the best iced coffees in Zakynthos! With a divine ambience, wonderful thatched roof and incredible hand carved wooden furnishings, this is considered to be one of the top beach clubs in Europe. For the athletes amongst you, you can also enjoy a fun game of beach volley or rackets down on the sand at the Ammos Beach Club.

Porto Roma Beach in the South East of Zante Zakynthos Greek islands

The beach of Porto Roma is located on the far end of the Southern Coast of Zante, close to the popular beach of Gerekas. Porto Roma beach is small, with a mixture of sand and pebbles. This is a very quiet beach with a taverna restaurant, but no beach clubs or bars. It’s a good place to relax during the day if you want a really tranquil spot to completely chill out.

There is a small jetty at Porto Roma where a number of boats are moared, and you can be picked up from here for a fantastic catamaran trip around the South West Coast of Zakynthos.

Gerekas Beach in the far South of Zante Zakynthos

The most southern region of Zakynthos Zante is called Gerakas and is home to another fantastic long and sandy beach with spectacular jagged cliffs framing the horizon. Just five minutes drive around the coast from St Nicholas, this is another beautiful natural spot well worth visiting during your Greek Island holiday in Zante.

Gerakas is one of the most important beaches within the National Marine Park of Zakynthos as it is very popular with the native Loggerhead turtles who choose to lay their eggs here. Access to the beach is forbidden between sunset and sunrise - the time of day that the turtles nest, and later the baby hatchlings emerge from their nests and make their way to the sea.

While you are at Gerakas beach be sure to visit the Eco Centre, located about 100 meters up from the beach on the right hand side of the road. The Eco Centre here is one of the only Wildlife information Centres in Zakynthos.

Volunteers at the Eco Centre will help to inform you about the natural wildlife on the island. You can support the SOS Turtle Appeal from the Eco Centre which is currently involved in raising funds to build the first Sea Turtle rescue station in Zakynthos.

Dafni Beach South West of Zante Town Zakynthos Greek Islands

Dafni beach is the next bay along from Gerekas. It is quite a difficult drive down to Dafni and this helps to ensure that the beach is never too busy, even in the peak summer months.

The beach at Dafni is, like Gerekas, heavily protected by National Marine Park of Zakynthos to ensure that it remains a suitable nesting ground for the Caretta Caretta turtles. There is very little development on the beach at Dafni, just a few sun beds and taverns.

If you are looking for a really natural, untouched and somewhat secluded spot to spend your summer day then this is the beach for you.

At the two extremities there are rocky areas and in the front, just a few kilometres distance from the beach, there is the small island of Pelouzo, providing a charming outlook from Dafni beach. The island is totally uninhabited and out of bounds to tourists as it is also protected by Marine Park rules.