Xigia Sulphur & Collagen Spa Beach

The Sulphur and Collagen Spa Beach at Xigia is one of our top holiday spots in Zakynthos. The beach here is naturally beautiful, a small bay set between the cliffs, with turquoise waters, and a very Caribbean style. The natural spring water flowing into the sea here is filled with collagen and sulphur – great for your health and really relaxing to float about in.
These natural spring waters mix with the sea water here, making the water highly therapeutic and extremely relaxing. The spring water is particularly rich in collagen and very good for rheumatism, arthritis, and skin conditions such as psoriasis.

We love to spend the day at Xigia Sulphur and Collage Spa Beach; it really is Greek Island relaxation and rejuvenation at its best. There are two neighboring beaches in the far north, and both are known as Xigia. Both of the Xigia beaches are naturally beautiful and retain an untouched, natural ambience.

The first Xigia beach you arrive at on the road north has a long stairway down to the beach below. You can't easily see this beach from the road, and the walk down is quite a challenge - not for the faint hearted. However, once you reach the beach at the bottom you are sure to enjoy your stay. The crystal waters and completely tranquil atmosphere is a unique break from the busier tourist spots. This is the perfect place if you are looking for a day of completely natural relaxation.

The next Xigia beach on the road north is just a couple of minutes further on. This second Xigia really is an extraordinary beach, one of our favourite spots on the island. It is this beach that is known as the Xigia Sulphur Springs and Collagen Spa because of the unique mineral waters pouring down from the mountains above. You will know you have reached the Xigia Spa Beach when you smell sulphur!

A canteen and free parking area at the top of the the Xigia Spa beach makes access to the bay easy. The walk down to the beach below is rather steep, but only a minute or two to the bottom. The view of the beach from the canteen above is quite spectacular. The bright turquoise waters, white pebble sand and stark cliffs make this a really picturesque spot.

Along with the medicinal benefits, the beach itself at Xigia Spa is an absolute delight. Just a few palm umbrellas and sun beds provide a place to shelter from the sun and give the beach a distinctly tropical feel. To add to the fun, the family run canteen at the top of the cliff offers snacks and refreshments which are wheeled down to the beach in a whicker basket from the canteen above.

The Xigia Spa Beach is a really unique and memorable experience and should not be missed during your stay here on the island of Zante.