Zante Culture & Tradition

It is a great challenge for the people of Zante to balance the requirements and implications of mass tourism with traditional values and culture. From our time spent on the island we have seen the traditional heart and soul of the people of Zakynthos remains strong.

Efforts to maintain Greek island culture are clear. The Zakynthian people go out of their way to honour the traditions of the past, commemorating and celebrating special events throughout the year.

A major aim of the Tourist Projection Committee in Zakynthos is to encourage activities that will ensure that visitors on holiday in Zante leave the island all the richer for having participated in a variety of traditional activities. They encourage a sharing of artistic expression through cultural activities such as music and song, tasting traditional Zakynthian foods, exploring agricultural activities and enjoying local festivals.

Zakynthian culture and traditions

We have put together a few suggestions for you to get immersed in real Zakynthian culture and tradition during your holiday in the Greek Islands:

  • Eat at Areklia Taverna on Krioneri Road in Zante Town and enjoy being serenaded by local kandathes singers
  • Visit the ceramics workshop in Agios Sostis to admire the work of one local artist
  • Wander through the markets at Volimes Town in the north west of the island where tapestries, ceramics and linen are sold by locals
  • Attend a Greek Night at Vezalis Restaurant on Laganas beach and join in with the local Greek dancing
  • Come into town for the St. Dionisios celebration on August 25th to see the local people honouring their patron saint of the island.

Many tours in Zakynthos, available from travel agents in the main Zante resorts, include a visit to the Monastery at Anafonitria village The Monastery of Anafonitria is a very special and spiritual site. It was here in Zante that Agios Dionysios, the patron Saint of the island of Zakynthos, spent the last years of his life.

If you dont want to rent a car the best way to travel in Zante is with a tour, which are specially designed to show you the best places to visit in Zakynthos. If you are looking for things to do in Zante, Zakynthos, and places to visit in Zante, you can take day trips on extraordinary sight-seeing tours in Zakynthos, which are guided by tour guides.

While you are on holiday in Zante Zakynthos, Greek islands, you might like to visit a folklore museum. Travel agents will guide you to very popular museums that provide a unique insight into Zakynthos history, enabling you to travel back in time while you are on holiday in Zante and imagine how life on the island of Zakynthos used to be.

Zakynthian Tradition

Zakynthian Culture

Tradition in Zakynthos is very important to the local people of Zante. Efforts to maintain Zakynthian Greek island culture are clear.

The Zakynthian people go out of their way to honor the traditions of the past, while commemorating and celebrating special events throughout the year.

Zante in the Greek islands, has a wonderful selection of traditional markets where you can purchase homemade linen, and ware. Travel agents and tour representatives arrange tours in Zakynthos which include great stops at traditional markets, which are to be found mainly in the market town of Volimes in the Far North West and also at Anafonitria.

Many tours in Zante will take you off the beaten track in Zante, away from mass tourism in Zakynthos. You can visit travel agency offices in the main Zante resorts where trips in Zakynthos depart daily from central locations on Zante island. You can also arrange trips around the island of Zante by boat and mini bus. Trips also depart daily, organized by travel agents in Zakynthos for trips to Kefalonia, Athens and Olympia.