Travel Tips for Zante Holiday

Zakynthos Travel Tips: As with any holiday, it is always with a sense of excitement that you pack your bags and head off for an adventure in a country away from the familiar routines of everyday life. You can be sure the people of Zakynthos will go out of their way to make your holiday in the Greek Islands an extremely enjoyable experience!

The Greek Island of Zakynthos, also known as Zante in the Ionion Sea, is a wonderful holiday destination. With among the highest number of sunshine hours in the Mediterranean, beautiful beaches and sea caves to explore, charming traditional villages with local produce, handcrafts and ceramics in roadside stalls, and such a rich history, you can be sure your holiday in Zakynthos will be both relaxing and rewarding.

Zakynthos Travel Tips : Travelling to Zakynthos

Travelling to Zakynthos is easy. Daily charter flights, from the beginning of May to the end of October, are available from all over the UK and Europe, serviced by the international airport in Zakynthos. Internal connections include daily flights from Athens, as well as scheduled flights to Thessaloniki and other Ionian islands.

There are also frequent daily ferry connections to mainland Greece. Daily scheduled boats operate between Kefalonia and Zakynthos and ferry connections to Italy are also available.

We have put together a few important phone numbers for holidaying in Zante, as well as a few things to remember before you fly. We hope this section helps you to be well prepared for your holiday in Zakynthos.

Useful Zante Telephone Contact numbers

Greece Country code: 0030
Zakynthos Main Police Station: (0030) 26950 22000 or 22100
Zakynthos KTEL Bus Terminal: (0030) 26950 42656 or 22255
Athens KTEL Bus Station: (0030) 210 512 9443
Zakynthos Fire Station: (0030) 26950 22199
Zakynthos Hospital: (0030) 26950 42514 or 49111
Zakynthos Port Police: (0030) 26950 28117 or 28118
Zakynthos Taxi: (0030) 26950 22280
Zakynthos Airport: (0030) 26950 28322

Zakynthos Travel Tips & Zante Faqs – The answers you need, before you fly

Are there any passport visa requirements to enter Greece?

For European Union citizens no visas are required. You will definitely need your passport, identification cards are acceptable from some E.U countries.
For non- EU citizens entering Greece you will definitely need a valid passport. We recommend that you check with your Embassy, or the Greek Embassy, regarding visa requirements.

What weather should I expect?

Zakynthos has a great climate with cool sea breezes and some of the highest number of sunshine hours I the Mediterranean. The month of your visit will have a huge influence on the weather.

March to Mid-June is a beautiful time with spring flowers and lovely clear temperatures. The tourist season starts in May and this is when everything starts to open and the temperature warms up for comfortable swimming in the sea.

From Mid-June to the end of August the weather can be very hot with balmy summer nights. This is a lovely time of year to enjoy the sun and the sea, but prepare yourself for the heat with cool clothing, hats and sunscreen!

September is the month of wine-making in the island of Zante. The weather starts to become crisp and clear again and the intense heat of August starts to reside. September is still great time for swimming and sunbathing.

Olive harvesting in the Greek island of Zakynthos begins in October, and carries on through the winter. The rain can come a little more often but generally this is still a lovely summer month. If you are interested in hiking and cyclin around the island, this is probably the month for you as the heat is a lot less intense during the days.

What is the voltage of the electricity in Zakynthos?

The Greek electricity voltage is 220 volts; you need a two pin European travel plug for electrical equipment from UK.

We recommend you pack one together with your electrical appliances, so that you do not have to spend valuable holiday time in Zakynthos looking for adaptors. Alternatively, you can buy one at the airport in the UK on your way to Greece.

What facilities will I find for money transfer, phone and internet?

Most of the hotel will provide the service of cash transfer from a credit or debit card. There are also numerous cash machines in the larger resorts around Zakynthos.

If you are staying outside of the main resorts in Zante you may need to find the nearest larger resort to exchange cash or withdraw from an atm. There are also a number of banks in the centre of Zante Town where you can exchange money and use the ATMs to withdraw.

We suggest bringing some cash in Euros so that you can relax about money following your arrival.

Should we bring insect repellent?

There are mosquitoes in the summer months in Zante and the Greek Islands. I advise you to bring repellent if mosquitoes bother you. You can also purchase repellent at the local store in Zante, as well as special candle burners and wall plugs to keep the mosquitoes away.

Can we drink the tap water?

The tap water in Zakynthos is considered safe for basic routines like brushing your teeth and showering etc.
But the tap water in Zante is generally NOT SAFE to drink.
Bottled drinking water can be bought cheaply in all of the mini market stores. You will purchase a package of 6 bottles of water for about €1.50.