Our favourite things to do & places to visit in Zakynthos

One of the top destinations for trips in Zakynthos definitely includes Shipwreck beach at Navagio bay, which is on the West Coast of Zante. At the stunning beach of Shipwreck Bay, also known as Navagio Bay, within a massive basin of limestone cliffs, and with a ship wrecked in the very centre of the large bay, you will happily spend time swimming in the incredible turquoise sea, and just relaxing on the beach taking in the great outlook.

We really enjoy the Potamitis Brother Trip from the lighthouse in Skinari which takes you to Shipwreck Bay and the Blue Caves. From Skinari you get to visit the two top sites in Zakynthos at the best price. Plus, the smaller glass bottom boats actually take you inside the Blue Caves, where you get to swim in the sapphire translucent waters of the Blue Caves. The famous arches of the Blue Caves have been caused by erosion over the centuries, creating magnificent peaks jutting out of the sea.

While you are in the far North region of Zakynthos, of which the Skinari lighthouse is the Northernmost tip of Zante Island, visit the Windmills at Skinari - from here you have the most amazing swim into the blue caves, diving in from the base of the Skinari steps.

The Xigia Sulphur and Collagen Spa, is another of our favourite sights in Zante, and well worth visiting while on holiday in Zakynthos. Fresh spring water containing large deposits of sulphur and collagen pour down from the mountains into the Xigia caves at the Xigia Spa beach, tipping into the ocean through the mouth of a cave about 50 meters off shore from the cliffs surrounding Xigia beach. These waters have been scientifically tested and are renowned for being therapeutic in value - great for arthritis, rheumatism, and skin complaints, and very good for the wrinkles!

During your holiday in Zakynthos, try to fit in a stroll around the mountain town of Volimes, the second largest town in Zakynthos, which has the largest display of roadside stalls and market shops in Zakynthos. The locals here are selling traditional needlework, fantastic Greek bed linen, tablecloths, rugs, ceramics, pottery, herbs and honey - among many other treasures. You'll happily pass an hour or two wandering through the town, finding the best bargains of Zante handcrafts to pack in your bags to take back home.

The mini roadside markets at Anafonitria also provide a delightful selection of handcrafts, pottery, ceramics, handmade linen, and produce for the kitchen including wine, olive oil, honey and herbs. Many organized tours and trips can be booked that stop off at the market stalls in Anafonitria, usually on the way to the Shipwreck lookout platform, where you get an extraordinary view of Shipwreck bay from the top of the cliffs above.

Often a favourite amongst tourists is a boat trip in the Bay of Laganas which can include turtle spotting, swimming at the beautiful Marathonisi Island, and admiring the spectacular Keri Caves. Marathonisi Island is also known as Turtle Island because it strongly resembles a Caretta Caretta turtle! The beaches on this secluded island are really spectacular and well worth a trip.

There are numerous charming little villages in Zakynthos, mainly in the centre of Zakynthos island, where the pace of life remains unchanged even throughout the busy tourist season in Zante. Particularly worth visiting are the charming villages of Gyri and Louha. Stop by at the Coffee House, directly opposite the church in Louha for the best traditional dining experience on the island of Zakynthos. In Louha at the coffee house you are welcomed into the heart of the family home, where you eat the meal of the day under a canopy of grape vines, with extremely serene views over the Louha Valley.

Whichever Zante trips you choose while on holiday in Zakynthos, whether it be an organised tour, or simply travelling about in your hired car, you can be sure that the charm and hospitality of the people of Zakynthos will add a delightful touch to your holiday in Zante.