More Info On Shipwreck Navagio’ Bay

From the lookout tower you get the advantage of seeing and capturing on camera the iconic image of Shipwreck from above. This has to be one of the most amazing views in the world. From the top of the cliff you will be amazed by the sparkling site of the beach below, with boats drifting in and out of the bay.

Visiting the beach on a Zante boat trip is also quite breath-taking and well worth a day of your holiday. Approaching the beach is a once in-a-lifetime experience – the huge cliffs surrounding the bay, combined with the stranded ship in the middle, ensure that this is an awe-inspiring moment.

Spending time at the Shipwreck beach you will be able to swim in the cool turquoise waters and explore the wreckage of the boat, which has been engraved with hundreds of names of visitors since the ship washed up here in 1983.

There are a number of boat trips departing to Shipwreck bay on a daily basis from all around Zakynthos. However, for a really personal and relaxed experience we recommend the Potamitis Brothers who leave from the lighthouse at Skinari.

This way you can combine a trip to the Blue Caves with your day at Shipwreck. Also, with the Potamitis brothers you can really tailor make your stay at Shipwreck and decide how long you want to stay at the beach. They will always go out of their way to ensure you have a fantastic boat trip.