Turtle Island Zakynthos

There are two beautiful beaches on Marathonisi. On the front of the island there is a large, sandy beach with a distinctly tropical feel. The white sand is matched beautifully by turquoise, crystal waters. Most would agree that this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Zante.

Around the side of the island there is also a smaller bay with intriguing sea caves to explore. This is a great spot for snorkelling and exploring the deep seas!

Marathonisi island has no inhabitants or buildings as it is one of the major nesting grounds of the Caretta Caretta Turtles and is heavily protected by the National Marine park of Zakynthos. As a result there are no sunbeds or umbrellas on the beaches here and the National Marine park ensure that the beach is empty by sunset when the turtles approach to lay their eggs.

There are no snack bars or restaurants on Marathonisi Island, but while you are relaxing on the beach of Turtle Island you will be able to grab a snack from the quaint little picnic boat that sails around the island keeping everyone refreshed. With everything from watermelon to doughnuts on board the snack boat, it is an added treat to grab something from the picnic boat while chilling out on your very own deserted island.