Zante Zakynthos Greek Islands

If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can find it here in the quieter regions of Zante - Zakynthos in the Greek islands.

Alternatively, if you want fun in the sun, with bars and clubs, you wont be disappointed. The size of Zante makes it an ideal holiday location – big enough for variation, small enough to really get around and explore Zante at leisure!

Zakynthos, also known as Zante in the Greek Islands, is the third largest of the Ionian Islands, covering an area of 410 km2. The coastline of Zakynthos is roughly 124 km in length.

Geography of Zakynthos Zante Greek islands varies greatly in each region of Zakynthos

The rich vegetation of Zakynthos is due to the mild Mediterranean Zante climate, with intermittent rainfall in winter and brilliant sunshine in the summer. It is widely documented that Zakynthos has the highest number of sunshine hours in the Mediterranean - which makes it a perfect location for beach weddings and weddings abroad from the UK.

Zante - Zakynthos travel agents
Zakynthos agencies provide guided tours in Zante Island to include special moments away from the crowds and also with the possibility for you to enjoy the natural Zakynthian countryside and village life. Along the way you enjoy beautiful scenery in Zante and the hidden treasures of Zakynthos-Zante island .

Zakynthos provides an ideal holiday location in the Greek Islands for all ages. Away from the hectic pace and responsibilities of everyday life at home, you'll find that the natural beauty of Zakynthos will provide great energy for reviving body and soul. The Greek island of Zakynthos, otherwise known as Zante, is an artists paradise.

The town of Zante, in particular, has a very Venetian feel about the architecture, largely due to the long time spent under Venetian rule.

The Ionian islands are often called the "Green Islands" because of their lush vegetation. Zakynthos is filled with pine forests, olive groves, and grape vines. This is in stark contrast to the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea which tend to have sharp and rocky landscapes.


Sunsets in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands are always amazing.

Holiday of a Lifetime in Zante
You can take brilliant day trips while on holiday in Zante at really affordable prices. There are a number of organized boat trips, to spectacular locations such as the the Keri caves, the Blue Caves, Shipwreck Beach and Marathonisi Island. You will be amazed by the natural beauty here in Zante and the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Coach tours, jeep safaris, and a number of other excursions operate daily around Zakynthos island so you can make the most of all the island has to offer. Alternatively, you can also hire a car or bike in Zante and explore Zakynthos at your own pace!


cameo island is one of the most popular beach wedding destinations in Zante

Holiday of a Lifetime in Zante
You can take brilliant day trips around Zakynthos while on holiday in Zante at really affordable prices. There are a number of organized boat trips, to spectacular locations such as the the Keri caves, the Blue Caves, Shipwreck Beach and Marathonisi Island. You will be amazed by the natural beauty here in Zante and the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea.

Coach tours, jeep safaris, and a number of other excursions operate daily around Zakynthos island so you can make the most of all the island has to offer. Alternatively, you can also hire a car or bike in Zante and explore Zakynthos at your own pace!


Visit the best beach clubs in Zante Zakynthos Greek islands

Five regions of Zakynthos
Each of the regions of Zante listed to he left of this page has their own unique character, but they all share the natural beauty and cultural identity of the island of Zante. It is helpful to understand the different regions of Zakynthos before you arrive on holiday, so you have your bearings for where you are located on the island and what you can do and see.

Vidsit the famous Shipwreck Beach at Navagio Bay in Zante Zakynthos Greek Islands

Tourist Protection Committee

A major aim of the Tourist Projection Committee in Zakynthos is to encourage activities in Zante that will ensure that visitors on holiday in Zante leave the island all the richer for having participated in a variety of traditional activities. They encourage a sharing of artistic expression through cultural activities such as music and song, tasting traditional Zakynthian foods, exploring agricultural activities and enjoying local festivals.


explore accommodation in zante zakynthos greek islands in hotels, zante villas, and zante apartments

Zante Caretta Caretta Turtles

While you are on holiday in Zante you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Caretta Caretta Turtles and you can even partake in a Turtle Spotting trip to see them swimming in their natural habitat.

The Bay of Laganas, located on the South West coast of Zakynthos, is considered to be the largest nesting ground in the Mediterranean for the Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtle.

Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles have become an endangered species, in part due to the development of tourism in their major nesting grounds.

The Mediterranean Sea provides a nursery for young Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles. It is well documented that the female turtles swim away from the beach where they are hatched, into what is known as the 'lost years'. Little is known of where they reside during that time. When they are finally ready, after a period of about thirty years, to breed, they return to the very same breeding ground where they were conceived, and actually return three times during the summer season to lay their eggs on the very same beach where they were hatched.


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Zante Town Zakynthos Greece
The capital of Zakynthos, which has the same name as the island, is the town of Zakynthos. Apart from the official name, it is also known as Chora, meaning Town in Greek.

The town is located on the eastern coast of the island, looking out to Kilini and the Peloponnese. Daily ferry boats maintain the link between the Zante Town harbour and the mainland.


Explore Zakynthos, Zante, Greek islands

Welcome to Explore-Zakynthos! We are developing this site, and our Explore-Zakynthos You Tube Channel, to make sure you get the most out of your holiday in Zante.

zante island zakynthos greece greek islands

Over the past several years we have spent a lot of time in the summer in Zakynthos, also known as Zante, in the Greek islands, filming many of the magical highlights of beautiful Zante Island and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you in our Zante site!

We are developing our Explore-Zakynthos website to help you plan your holiday in Zante, Zakynthos in the Greek Islands - to make the most of your holiday and plan your time to include the most valuable activities and sight-seeing around the island.

If you would like to feature on Explore Zakynthos, or if you have any island recommendations, please email info@explore-zakynthos.com


Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is the third largest of the Greek islands in the Ionion Sea. Zakynthos has some of the most beautiful  Zante beaches in the Mediterranean, as well as beautiful Greek seascapes, charming old villages and plenty of amenities in Zante resorts and towns to make sure you have a really great holiday.

The main Zante resorts on the island all vary and you can choose a Zante resort that most suits your holiday mood - either total peace and quiet in Vasilikos, or a lazy holiday with optional crazy nightlife in Laganas.

Please read our Zante resort guide to choose from the Zante resorts that best suit you - there really is something for everyone here in Zakynthos!

 Zakynthos also known as  Zante in the Greek Islands

there are many activities and things to do and see during your holiday in zante greece
Zakynthos Zante Greek IslandsGreece and Ionion IslesGeographyHistoryArchitectureRegions of ZakynthosZante TownZante MapWeatherRecreationNational Marine ParkCaretta caretta  turtles Zante CelebrationsReal EstateShoppingLocal PeopleDionysis SolomosFamous people connected to Zakynthos

Zakynthos has the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Coupled with glorious landscapes, Zakynthos is wrapped in wild flowers and fauna. From sweeping pine forests, to rocky peaks and caves in Zante, from rustic villages in the North and South of Zakynthos, to a mixture of chic and traditional everyday life in Zante Town, the mood in Zante is always magic.

 During their occupation of the island the Venetians named the island of Zakynthos 'Fioro di Levante', the 'Flower of the Orient'. Zakynthos, Zante is a beautiful island and the perfect place for a summer holiday. The size of Zante makes it an ideal holiday location – large enough for plenty of variety, small enough to really get around and explore! Zante is an ideal holiday destination for all ages.

Top Sights & Things to Do

enjoy all of the beautiful sites and excurcions available on zante island zakynthos
Top Sights & Things to Do Top Sights & Activities Shipwreck BayBlue Caves SkinariSkinari WindmillsMount Skopos Cameo islandMarathonisi IslandTurtle SpottingKeri CavesSunset at Keri or KampiMonastery of AnafonitriaAskos Stone ParkXigia Sulphur & Collagen Sea SpaTraditional Markets  Xigia Sulphur & Collagen Sea Spa

There are many sites to see in Zante, and plenty of trips and tours to keep you busy during your time in Zante. If you want to spend some time away from the beach it might be a good idea to organize a trip or two once you settle into your Zante resort.


There are plenty of offices and agencies selling trips from the main resorts and you can pick and choose which excursion will be suit you. Alternatively you can hire a bike or car and see the island of Zante, Zakynthos at your own pace and with your own travel schedule.

Best Beaches in Zante
beautiful beaches in zante for a perfect greek island summer holiday
Zante BeachesWatersportsScuba DivingBeach Clubs Zante South Coast beachesSouth West Coast beachesWest Coast beaches East Coast BeachesFar North beachesZante Town Beaches

The beaches in Zakynthos are among the best in the Greek Islands. If you have booked a holiday in Zante, or are considering spending your summer vacation here in Zakynthos, we promise that you won’t be disappointed with the beaches on offer during your stay.

To really make the most of your time in Zante, and to find the very best beaches in Zante, and the many hidden treasures, we recommend hiring a car and checking out the beautiful selection of Zante beaches scattered around Zakynthos Island. There is a huge variety in Zakynthos – you’ll find everything from long white sandy bays to jagged rocky fiords. And regardless of how long you stay here, there will always be a new beach to explore!

Best Beach Clubs in Zante

relax and enjoy your day at the beach in zante at a luxurious beach club on the sea


Best Beach Clubs in Zante Cool Peppers Azurro Beach Club  Ammos Beach Club  Cameo Beach Club  Tropics Beach Bar


The beach clubs in Zakynthos are designed to ensure that you have a really relaxing day at the beach with everything at your fingertips to ensure comfort and luxury. We have outlined some of our favorite beach clubs in Zante where you are sure to enjoy your summer days by the sea!




Accommodation for holidays in Zante
there is a huge selection of holiday accomodation on the island of zakynthos
Accommodation in Zakynthos HotelsVillasApartmentsStudiosCamping Skinari Windmills

Accommodation in Zante is varied to suit different needs, tastes and budgets. There is a large selection of hotels, villas, apartments and studios, as well as a number of camping grounds scattered around the island of Zante.


When choosing accommodation in Zante you must first choose the Zante resort which best suits you - quiet or busy, traditional or modern. Then select your accommodation. You will find everything from five star hotels in Zakynthos to quaint stone villas and really basic self-catering accommodation for holidays on a budget!

Main Zante Resorts in Zakynthos

choose a resort in zante that best suits your personal holiday needs and style
Main Zante ResortsResort entertainmentResort ShoppingResort TavernasRegions of ZakynthosVillages in Zakynthos Resorts in Zakynthos TragakiTsiliviAlykesAlykanasKatastari KalamakiLaganas Keri BayPorto KouklaAgios Sostis Kampi ArgassiPorto ZorroVasilikosSt Nicholas VillagePorto RomaGerakas  Zante Town St Nicholas of the NorthSkinari

The Zante resort you choose to stay in Zante will make a huge difference to your holiday experience. There are a number of resorts in Zakynthos located in different regions of Zante island.

Zante resorts vary from loud, nightlife havens such as Laganas, to small seaside villages like St Nicholas in the north and south. Read our Zante Resorts guide to make sure you select the correct Zante resort for you!

There are resorts in Zakynthos for every taste - whether you want a peaceful Greek island retreat, or a busy fun packed holiday experience, you will find somewhere in Zante just right for you.

Zante Town

zante town is the heart of the island of zakynthos and always has a really pleasant summer atmosphere, especially in the evenings
Zante TownThings to do and see in Zante TownBohaliThe CastleLofos StraniStrada MarinaMuseumsCafes Bars & TavernasAmphitheatreChurchesSt Dionysis ChurchBusiness ServicesPublic Library MonumentSolomos SquareSt Marcos SquarePost Byzantine MuseumSolomos and Kalvos Museum

During your holiday in Zante, you should spend a morning or evening in Zante Town, also known as Zakynthos Town,  the islands charming capital.  Zakynthos Town is located in the middle of the Eastern coast of Zakynthos, just five kilometres from the popular resort of Tsilivi and four kilometres from Argassi.

The quaint harbour, beautiful Orthodox churches, buzzing shopping streets, and fantastic cafe bars all make this an ideal Greek island town – don’t miss visiting here while you stay in Zante.

Zante Weddings in the Sun
Weddings in ZanteZante wedding planners in ZakynthosZante Wedding photography and video DVDZante Wedding locations in Zakynthos

If you’re about to plan a wedding, and the idea of getting married in the sun appeals, look no further than sunny Zakynthos. With the highest number of sunshine hours in the Mediterranean, and a range of highly professional and legal services available on the island, it’s little wonder that Zakynthos is becoming one of the most popular locations for beach weddings in the Greek islands and in Europe.

Wedding Planners in Zante arrange all your wedding plans for you - so you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that everything is under control. Wedding planners in Zante have a wide variety of Zante Wedding  destination wedding locations in Zante including reception venues and luxury options in their wedding packages for the Zakynthos Greek islands. 

Food and Dining in Zante

you will really enjoy the food available on holiday in zante zakynthos
Traditional Mediterranean DietGreat Tavernas & restaurantsLocal produceZante RaisinsZante WineZante Olive OilZante Honey

The food in Zante is really delicious with lots of local produce, Greek recipes and fantastic restaurants and taverns. Make sure you taste some of the Zante specialties during your holiday in Greece - moussaka, feta cheese, Greek salad, and fresh fish should definitely be on your holiday menu.

Energyia Holistic Fitness Holidays

holistic fitness holiday retreat in the greek islands witrh energyia holidays
www.energyia.comEnergyia Kinetics Exercise Locations energyia holisitc fitness holidaysAbout Michele Wilburn

One of the hottest new trends in fitness retreat holidays - spa vacations that travel! Zante Energyia holistic fitness and yoga holiday retreats TRAVEL WITH YOU - during the summer.

Join Michele Wilburn - Presenter of Energyia Holistic Fitness & Yoga Flow Holiday Retreats in the Greek Islands Daily Energyia Workouts, self spa and thalassatherapy are included in the Energyia holistic fitness exercise activity holiday schedule.

Energyia Holistic fitness holiday retreats take place around the Greek Island of Zakynthos throughout the summer, mainly in the region of Tsilivi and Vasilikos. Energyia fitness holiday activities are performed around each resort region, mainly in outdoor locations close to your accommodation in Zakynthos.

Energyia holistic fitness activity retreat holidays in Greece on the Greek Island of Zakynthos include Energyia yoga flow holiday workouts, Energyia Kinetics™ exercise sessions and holistic holiday fitness activities, self spa and thalassatherapy pampering.  Schedules are designed to give you space to pause and reflect, a holiday in the sun, with the best beaches in Greece, to inspire and recharge body & soul!

Travel in Zante

make sure you explore the island of zante during your holiday in zakynthos you can rent a car or bike to get around
Travel in Zante Travel AgenciesFlights to ZanteZante Bus, taxies, and ferries Car and bike Hire

There are many ways to travel to Zante and to get around in Zante. You can arrive on the island by airplane or ferry depending on your travel schedule. During the summer months many different airlines fly into Zakynthos on a daily basis.

Travelling around within Zante you can opt for private or public transport. There are car and bike rental agencies located in all of the main resorts in Zakynthos as well as in Zante Town. Bring your driving license with you so you can hire a car in Zante during your holiday. There are also buses to and from most of the main resorts, the schedules are not always very frequent so private transport is the most reliable option.

Trips in Zante are another popular way to get around and see some of the island. Bus tours, boat trips, organised excursions and jeep safaris are all available from travel agenices in the main resorts. This way you can travel around Zante, take in all the main sites, without having to worry about driving and getting to your destination.

Zante Traditions in Zakynthos
enjoy real greek tradition in zante during your greek island holiday
Traditional CostumesTraditional MarketsCelebrations and ComemorationsTraditional Music and DancePottery and Ceramics HandcraftsTraditional Mediterranean DietGreat Tavernas Traditional Villages in Zakynthos Traditional Theatre

Zakynthos retains a really strong sense of tradition which you will notice all over the island during your holiday in Zante. The local people have maintained a close link to local music, dancing, and handicrafts.

One really fun way to experience some local Greek tradition is to attend a Greek night during your holiday in Zakynthos. The Greek night at Vezal, on Laganas beach, is one of the best on the island and you are sure to be up and dancing to the live music and charming local dancers.

Villages in Zante Zakynthos Greek Islands
Villages in Zante Zakynthos Greek IslandsAgalas Agia Marina Agios Dimitrios Agios Kyrikos Agios Leon Anafonitria Exo Hora Gerakario Gyri Kampi Keri Kilomeno Korithi or Skinari Lithakia Louha Maherado Maries Micro Nisi Mousaki Orthonies Volimes

With a marvelous sense of hospitality the people in Zakynthos are warm and friendly, artistic and talented, with a great sense of humor. The Zakynthian people go out of their way to ensure your holiday in Zante will be a special time. Some travel agents in Zakynthos, Zante Island, include,  tours with visits to the oldest villages in Zakynthos. As well as enjoying a stroll around the village,  you might enjoy a wonderful taverna and enjoy delightful traditional Kandathes while you are there.

The best way to travel in Zante is with a Travel tour, specially designed to help you visit the best places in Zakynthos. If you are looking for things to do in Zante, Zakynthos, and places to visit in Zante, tour guides will take you on extraordinary sight-seeing tours in Zakynthos, off the beaten track in Zante, away from mass tourism in Zakynthos.

You can visit travel agency offices in Zante in all the main resorts where they arrange trips in Zakynthos is central on Zante island. You can also arrange trips around the island of Zante by boat and mini bus.

In all the main Zante resorts  travel agents arrange trips from Zakynthos to Kefalonia, Athens and Olympia. Many on holiday in Zakynthos, Zante  also visit agencies for advise on things to do in Zakynthos which will help tourists in Zante have an eco-friendly holiday with a personal and traditional touch.

Entertainment and Fun in Zakynthos

Entertainment in ZakynthosPopular TheatreTraditional Music and DanceNight Clubs and BarsLive Music Zante radio and TVAmpitheatreResort entertainment

There is plenty of entertainment in Zakynthos during the summer months. The evenings in Zante are filled with things to do - everything from live music, to Greek nights, and bars and clubs. There are mini-golf courses, fun lands and much more to keep everyone entertained throughout the summer nights on holiday in Zakynthos.


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